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BDG continues to see unprecedented constrained container drayage capacity issues. The trucking industry including LTL, FTL and Drayage is undergoing some restructuring due to changes in the marketplace driven by increased regulation, and lack of drivers and equipment. Container Drayage Capacity Remains Tight. Please read our previous post on the subject.
Drayage firms are experiencing waiting times at the rail ramp that can be so long the driver exhausts the total hours they can work for the day, leaving the ramp without picking up the container only to try again the following day.
We are seeing truckers implementing wait time fees at the rail yards and reducing the free time to load or unload to one hour.
Trucking firms are so backlogged that they are accepting dispatches two weeks in advance of the movement date so as to fit it into their schedule..
In 2018 many steamship lines are no longer offering USA Import door delivery as part of their service contract due to the rapid disintegration of drayage reliability. The steamship lines will now only deliver containers to the Port or Ramp. Steamship lines that are offering door service are now implementing new surcharges for door delivery to offset rising costs.
With Chinese New Year over, the trade is moving into the busy time of year. We expect these issues to only worsen in the months ahead. Eventually the drayage industry will compensate with additional drivers and equipment. Until then, we will need to deal with the upheaval.
Additional charges that should be anticipated will include but are not limited to: wait time, pre-pulls, ramp demurrage, and increased drayage fees due to lack of availability.
Our team is working diligently to maintain delivery schedules while mitigating cost increases. We appreciate your patience while we contend with the changes. Please contact our offices with any questions you may have.