Foreign Trade Zone

This is an exciting program for U.S. companies that import goods into the United States from overseas for direct distribution, assembly, manufacturing or direct export after import.

Becoming a Foreign Trade Zone will open your company up to the following possible benefits:

  • Reduce import entry fees
  • Deferral, reduction, or elimination of duties
  • Reduce your merchandise processing fees by weekly reporting
  • Duty exemptions on re-exports
  • Duty exemptions for waste, scrap and yield loss
  • Improve inventory tracking practices
  • Indefinitely store items in a zone.
  • Zones do not need to be located at a seaport or an airport. A zone can be established at warehouses and factory locations throughout the US.

A feasibility test will be administered to determine if your company qualifies to be a Foreign Trade Zone.

This will provide the information to present the cost savings, time savings and other benefits of becoming a Foreign Trade Zone.

Once qualified as a possible candidate, we will be able to provide you with the tools needed to join a special group of Foreign Trade Zones around the country.

This is a great time to explore the possibilities of a new level of importing, manufacturing and exporting.

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