Foreign Trade Zone

Unlock New Horizons: The Foreign Trade Zone Advantage

Introducing an exciting program tailored for U.S. companies engaged in the importation of goods into the US, with direct distribution, assembly, manufacturing, or export activities after import.

Your not too small or too big to be a FTZ. Contact BDG for a no obligation feasibility analysis. FTZs are used for multiple reasons and go beyond what you may assume the benefit to be.

Key Benefits of Becoming a Foreign Trade Zone Include:

  • Reduction in import entry fees
  • Potential for duty deferral, reduction, or elimination
  • Merchandise processing fee reduction through weekly reporting
  • Duty exemptions for re-exports
  • Duty exemptions on waste, scrap, and yield loss
  • Enhanced inventory tracking capabilities
  • Indefinite item storage within the zone
  • Zones do not need to be located at a seaport or an airport. A zone can be established at warehouses and factory locations throughout the US.

What are the steps?

  1. To determine eligibility, a feasibility test will be conducted, providing valuable insights into cost savings, time efficiency, and other advantages associated with Foreign Trade Zone status.
  2. Once qualified, you will gain access to the resources and support necessary to join a prestigious network of Foreign Trade Zones nationwide. This is an opportune moment to explore the potential of elevated importing, manufacturing, and exporting capabilities.”
  3. Gain control of your imports, reduce your bottom line, and prevent potential cashflow issues.