Trade Data Services

Unlock Insights: Leverage Import Data Research Services

The U.S. government aggregates a wealth of import shipment data, encompassing consignee details, consignor information, trade volumes, commodities, and port pairs. This invaluable resource is made accessible to the public through the Automated Manifest System (AMS). But how can you harness this data to your advantage?

Discover the Benefits:

  • Locate New Suppliers by Commodity: Identify potential suppliers by commodity type, expanding your sourcing options.
  • Verify Supplier Claims and Legitimacy: Ensure the credibility of your suppliers by cross-referencing their information.
  • Assess Supplier Capabilities and Products: Gain insights into a supplier’s capabilities and product range.
  • Competitor Analysis: Uncover who your competitors are, their import volumes, and their sources.
  • Self-Analysis: Understand your company’s market perception by accessing publicly available information.

BDG’s Import Data Research Service grants you access to comprehensive import information, covering most ocean imports arriving in the USA over the past three years. We facilitate targeted searches by Supplier, Competitor, or Commodity. BDG efficiently retrieves, downloads, manipulates, and compiles this data into comprehensive reports tailored to your needs.

AMS Suppression Services

BDG International also offers AMS Data Suppression services for importers, safeguarding your Strategic Supplier Relationships, Import Volume Data, Commodity Descriptions, and Corporate Data from public view for a period of 2 years. We manage suppression and renewals on your behalf.

Contact our sales team today to initiate data suppression and unlock the power of informed decision-making.