President’s “E” Award for U.S. Exporters

In Recognition of Our Commitment to U.S. Export Service


BDG International, Inc. was honored to receive the prestigious President’s ‘E’ Award for Export Service. The award was presented by Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank during a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on May 20, 2013. The ‘E’ Awards represent the highest recognition bestowed upon any U.S. entity for its significant contribution to expanding U.S. exports.

BDG President, Bengt Reed Anderson, expressed his gratitude: ‘We are honored to have received the President’s ‘E’ Award for contributing to the growth of U.S. exports and providing outstanding international trade consulting services. The award underscores our team’s unwavering 30-year commitment to delivering reliable and cost-efficient international supply chain solutions. The world seeks U.S. products due to our innovation, quality, and competitive pricing, and our mission is to assist companies in achieving their international goals.’

Acting Secretary Blank commended the 2013 Presidential ‘E’ Award winners: ‘I am delighted to recognize this year’s Presidential ‘E’ Award winners for their exceptional contributions to U.S. exports and congratulate BDG International, Inc. for its remarkable export achievement. Businesses like BDG International, Inc. play a vital role in bolstering local economies, generating employment, and meeting the global demand for ‘Made in the USA’ products and services.’

Based in Elgin, Illinois, BDG International, Inc. is a leading provider of a comprehensive array of export services, including global logistics, international trade consulting, community education, freight forwarding, and customs brokerage for U.S. businesses.

U.S. companies are nominated for the ‘E’ Award for Export Service through the Department of Commerce’s U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service office network, which operates within the Department’s International Trade Administration. The criteria for the award are founded on four years of consecutive export growth and case studies that demonstrate valuable support to exporters, resulting in increased exports for the company’s clients.

U.S. exports reached a historic high of $2.2 trillion in 2012, supporting nearly 10 million American jobs. President Obama’s National Export Initiative, which aims to double U.S. exports by the end of 2014 and create an additional 2 million jobs in the United States, is creating new opportunities for U.S. exporters by enhancing export support and strengthening trade initiatives focused on emerging markets and industry sectors worldwide.

History of the “E” Awards

The ‘E’ Awards have a storied history dating back to World War II when ‘E Pennants’ were awarded to war plants in recognition of their outstanding production. President Kennedy revived the ‘E’ symbol to honor American exporters. The ‘E Star’ was introduced in 1969 to recognize ‘E’ Award winners for their ongoing efforts in export expansion.

Recipients of the ‘E’ and ‘E Star’ Awards are authorized to display the blue and white banner, showcase the accompanying certificate of commendation signed by the Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the President, wear and distribute ‘E’ lapel pins to employees, and reference the award in their advertising.