Mark Reed Anderson


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Lisa Victoria Waller


Lisa Victoria Waller (nee Anderson) is President and co-owner of BDG International, Inc. located in Elgin, (Chicago) Illinois.   BDG International, Inc. (BDG) was founded in 1983 by the Anderson family.  BDG is an international freight forwarder, U.S. Customs Broker, FTZ Consultant/Admitter and Letter of Credit Specialist.  BDG is a proud recipient of the President’s “E” Awards for Excellence in Exporting in 2013. In 2007, Lisa and her partners opened BDG International (India) Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi, India.  Mumbai was opened in 2020.   The BDG India office has provided a strong insight and service into the local marketplace.

Lisa is an appointed member of the Illinois District Export Council, which is an appointment of from U.S. Department of Commerce.  Lisa is the Secretary of the Executive Board of the IL District Export Council.

Lisa is the Vice President of the Chicago Customs Broker and Forwarder Association.

Lisa is a Licensed Customs Broker, Certificated Export Specialist and a Certified Customs Specialist.  She is well versed in the up-to-date changes with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and the many Partner Government Agencies.  Lisa has traveled professionally throughout the world and running the India office provides firsthand experience not only in trade, but also business management offshore. Practical experience in international trade has provided Lisa insight into how importers and exporters can improve their global processes.   With dedicated international trade experience since 1993, Lisa consults, trains and speaks around the country educating importers and exporters how to streamline their logistics operations, implement corporate compliance processes, understand international documentation, and most importantly how to make export and import easier within a global environment.

Lisa has a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business with an emphasis on Eastern Studies from Illinois State University.



Bengt Reed Anderson


Bengt Reed Anderson held the role of President at BDG International Inc. for an impressive duration, spanning from December 1989 to August 2021. Additionally, he served as the Director of BDG International (India) Pvt Ltd. from 2006 to 2021. During his tenure at BDG, Bengt emerged as a highly regarded leader in the realm of international trade, thanks to his exceptional grasp of the unique challenges faced by U.S. importers and exporters.

Bengt’s unwavering commitment to his clients and his passion for educating local communities about the intricacies of international trade set him apart. As President of BDG, he dedicated himself to fostering responsible growth while embracing cutting-edge advancements. His visionary leadership played a pivotal role in steering BDG toward becoming a trailblazer in adopting a 100% paperless approach and enabling remote work, particularly during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout his remarkable thirty-two-year career, Bengt’s professional journey took him to twenty-eight nations across four continents and thirty-seven U.S. states. He played an integral role in the expansion of BDG’s operations to New Delhi and Mumbai, India, further solidifying the company’s global footprint.

In closing, Bengt leaves us with a profound reflection:

“Love, like the ocean, continues beyond the horizon… and life, like the sun, shines where we cannot see.”

These words encapsulate his enduring spirit and the impact he made during his tenure at BDG International Inc.

Kerstin G. Anderson


Since its inception in 1983, BDG International, Inc. has been guided by the visionary leadership of co-founders Kerstin Anderson and her husband, Mark, who jointly served as Chairpersons of the Board of Directors. Kerstin played a pivotal role in the active management of BDG and was not only a co-founder but also a cherished mentor to our team. Her dedication to imparting knowledge and expertise to our staff has left an indelible mark. Even today, the wisdom she shared remains as relevant as ever.

Kerstin possessed an unparalleled mastery of the intricacies of transporting large and oversized cargo to and from any corner of the globe. Her expertise was truly unrivaled. Kerstin’s innovative spirit and boundless energy were the driving forces behind her determination to ensure that even the most challenging freight could be transported. It was more than a profession for her; it was a passion that coursed through her veins, and that infectious energy continues to inspire us today.

Kerstin’s legacy lives on, and her memory fuels our unwavering commitment to approach our work with the same vigor and dedication that she exemplified. We strive to honor her memory by carrying forward the same energy and passion that she brought to BDG International, Inc., from its very beginning.