Hazmat Fail-Safe

Hazmat Handling with Confidence: Your Trusted Partner

Hazardous Check Program: Your Shield of Safety

  • Point of Assurance: All hazardous shipments undergo thorough scrutiny, following the IATA 53-point checklist.
  • Hazmat Customization: Do you need each shipment scrutinized prior to departure or do you feel confident that each shipment is in compliance. We can cater to your abilities.

Ocean Declaration Service: Ensuring Accuracy in Your Maritime Documentation

Precision in Shipment Handling: Comprehensive Carrier Instructions and Airway Bill Details

Unparalleled Training and Experience: Your Assurance of Expertise

Trusted Expertise: BDG’s Training and Experience Ensure Compliance with the Latest LATA/ICAO Regulations in Document Preparation

Hazmat Pre-Approval Program: Your First Line of Safety Defense

Streamlined Compliance: Our Hazmat Pre-Approval Program Ensures Adherence to Stringent Safety Protocols

Effortless Acceptance: Simplifying Hazmat Cargo Approval for Your Peace of Mind

BDG’s Comprehensive HAZMAT Acceptance: Excluding Infectious Substances and Radioactive II, III Classes