Export Documentation

Streamlined Export Documentation Services for Your Global Shipments

Reduce your internal labor requirements

  • Automation: We implement automation wherever possible. This can involve automating routine tasks, data entry, and other repetitive processes using software tailored to speeding up your compliance needs. With that said everything is still reviewed by a human to reduce the probability of errors.
  • Streamline Processes: After 40 years of trying something 100 different ways we have found a balance between efficiency and effectiveness when handling your key documentation by constantly reviewing and optimizing internal processes to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancy. The faster we get your paperwork done correctly the quicker your shipment travels safely.
  • Low Turnover and Cross-Training: At BDG, our workforce boasts an average tenure of over 10 years, driven by the genuine passion our employees have for their work. What does this translate to for you? It means you can count on top-notch customer service delivered by our friendly representatives and the added benefit of employee longevity is the ability for us to cross-train, ensuring that our employees are proficient in multiple roles within the organization, ready to step in during emergencies. For instance, if John Smith is out due to illness, there’s no need to wait for that document to be audited and submitted, as Jane Brown is well-equipped to seamlessly take over.
  • Technology Integration: We have invested into the top of the line programs but guess what. We don’t expect you to know how to use them because we plug into your system and customize our services to fit your operation.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: We appoint a Dedicated Account Manager for each file who will be your personalized liaison, working tirelessly to understand your unique needs and ensure your expectations are not just met but surpassed. Our dedicated account managers are your advocates, problem solvers, and strategic partners, committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering a strong client-provider relationship.

Enhance Your Logistics with Our Comprehensive Service Suite

  • Thorough Commercial Invoice Updating: Ensure your commercial invoices are consistently accurate for smooth and efficient transactions.
  • Certificate of Origin Expertise: Trust us with the meticulous completion, professional chamberization, consularization, and necessary legalization of your certificate of origin.
  • Tailored Transport Documents: We create transport documents customized to meet your company’s specific needs and those of the consignee.
  • Effortless Carnet Handling: We’ve simplified the Carnet process to make your international travels hassle-free.
  • Letter of Credit (L/C) Services:
    • Efficient L/C Processing: Experience quicker and more efficient transactions with our specialized L/C handling.
    • Real-Time Payment Status Tracking: Gain instant visibility into payment status, providing greater control and insight.
    • Bank-Verified L/C Security: Rest easy knowing that we securely trace all Letters of Credit through the banking system, ensuring complete security.
    • Comprehensive Document Preparation (Compu Prep): Our state-of-the-art software guarantees precise and timely preparation of all L/C required documents, reducing errors and expediting the process.

Beyond the Basics: Explore Our Additional Export Documentation Services

  • Certificate of Origin: Our meticulous handling of Certificate of Origin documentation guarantees your goods are accurately traced to their source, ensuring compliance with international trade standards.
  • Insurance Certificate Preparation: If you have your own insurance policy we will complete the insurance certificate on your behalf with permission to access the necessary forms.
  • Consularization: Chamber stamps, Consular work, Apostilles – we can process any requirement for the export shipment satisfying the needs of the consignee / buyer requirements.
  • Legalization: Our efficient legalization service navigates the complexities of global document authentication, providing your business with the necessary approvals and endorsements for international transactions while minimizing potential legal complications.
  • Carnet Application and Presentation: We expertly manage Carnet applications, facilitating the temporary export of your valuable assets with precision and ease, whether for exhibitions, trade shows, or professional equipment.

Enhance Your Risk Management with Our Specialized International Cargo Insurance Program Underwritten by IGI

  • Tailored for International Shipments: Our cargo insurance is meticulously crafted to address the distinct challenges and intricacies of international shipping, offering you peace of mind throughout global trade.
  • Comprehensive Clause A, All Risk Policy: BDG provides the highest level of protection with a Clause A, All Risk Policy, ensuring extensive coverage for your cargo from the moment it departs the warehouse to its final destination. This safeguards against a wide array of perils and risks.
  • Underwritten by IGI (International General Insurance Co. Ltd.): Rest assured in the strength and dependability of our cargo insurance, underwritten by IGI, a reputable player in the insurance industry. This guarantee ensures the financial security of your shipments.
  • Effortless Claims Processing: BDG simplifies the claims process. If your cargo is insured through our policies, we handle the entire insurance claim procedure, from initiating the claim statement to verifying payment receipt by your company.
  • Legal Liability Assistance: As an added value, BDG assists in providing claims documents to facilitate your own insurance company’s claim filing. We also notify the relevant carriers about the claim.
  • Deductible Insurance: If your corporate policy features a high deductible that discourages small claims, we offer the option to insure those deductible limits for you, reducing your financial burden.

Professional Protection: Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Errors and Omissions (E&O): Forwarder Malpractice Policy: Our Errors and Omissions policy serves as a safeguard against any professional oversights or mistakes, providing coverage up to US$1,000,000.00 annually to protect your interests and maintain the highest standard of service.

    E&O is not multi-modal all risk cargo insurance. E&O covers you when the forwarder makes a mistake that has to be rectified. E&O is included in the cost of our service fees and you do not pay additional for the coverage.

    It is important to note, all risk cargo insurance should be purchased for each shipment or through a blanket policy. Together E&O and All Risk Cargo insurance offer you coverage for your shipping needs.

  • Legal Liability : Legal liability insurance is offered by each carrier that is selected to move or store shipments. Each mode and carrier will have different limits to the liability. It is important to file a claim against the carrier for the legal liability claim payment if the carrier can be found responsible for the claim; however, you should not depend on this a the sole coverage for your cargo insurance. Please contact us to learn more about the differences.