Uncover the BDG Air Freight Distinction Firsthand

The Difference

  • Tailored Routing Solutions: Explore a diverse selection of over 75 major airlines and craft personalized shipment routes based on your cargo’s unique requirements, airline preferences, shipper details, and consignee specifications. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the ideal routing options for your shipments.
  • Effortless Pre-Booking: Experience seamless booking initiation with your chosen airline as soon as your cargo is collected. Benefit from advance booking confirmations to ensure peace of mind throughout the shipping process.
  • Cargo Verification: Trust our designated warehouse facilities to meticulously verify your cargo’s piece count, weight, and condition, guaranteeing precision and compliance with stringent shipping standards.
  • Export Preparedness Simplified: During cargo pickup, our team will efficiently request and process all essential export documents, including the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI). We’ll swiftly kickstart the Automated Export System (AES/EEI) and prepare the export air waybill, streamlining your export journey.
  • Direct Shipping Solutions: For recurring shipments on a CPT or CIP basis, streamline your logistics by opting for direct shipping with your preferred airline. Minimize intermediary steps and simplify your cargo’s path to its destination.
  • Global Network of Expert Agents: Benefit from our extensive network of specialized agents strategically positioned worldwide. These experts are ready to assist in receiving and managing your shipments at their final destinations or origins, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process.

BDG Air Freight Service

  • Does not wait for a consolidation day or mix your cargo with other parties cargo
  • Transfers at origin quicker to the airline and remains more secure
  • Ready for customs clearance faster at destination
  • Less fees at destination for your client to pay
  • This service can save 1-2 days at origin and 1-2 days at destination

Direct Air Waybill (DAWB)

  • A DAWB service is shipped on the airline Direct Air Waybill without a House Air Waybill
  • It is not transferred to an off site forwarder warehouse & no waiting for the transfer
  • Exporters like this service for repeat cargo, no special requirements, prepaid (CPT, CIP), Dangerous Goods, Perishables, Urgent shipments

We offer two customized air services: direct airway bill service and one house air waybill service, commonly called a back-to-back.

One House Air Waybill (1HAWB)

  • A 1HAWB service is shipment consisting of one HAWB & one Master Air Waybill (MAWB)
  • Our designated agent is included in the shipment as the consignee on the MAWB
  • The cargo may remain at the airlines side or it may transfer based on local procedures
  • Exporters like this service when they want to have more control over the export, the consignee does not have a confirmed Customs Broker, there are special requirements, the shipment is collect or the shipment is prepaid to door (common Incoterms: EXW, FCA,DAP, DDP)

Disclaimer: Based on compliance to TSA regulations and all Airline Terms & Conditions apply