Duty Drawback

Each business tries to improve their bottom line by reducing costs of materials, labor and logistics.

Overpaying of duties is something that is overlooked and not understood. If your company imports supplies, then exports the same product or exports a finished product – you can request for a refund of up to 99% on those duties and taxes that you have paid.

Same condition

  • Direct Identification Same Condition/Unused Merchandise Drawback
  • Substitution Same Condition/Unused Merchandise Drawback

Manufacturer’s Drawback

  • Direct Identification Manufacturing Drawback
  • Substitution Manufacturing Drawback


  • Preparation and Submission of Manufacturer’s Drawback contracts
  • Preparation and Submission of all requests for Special Privileges
    • (Accelerated Payment, Waiver of Prior Notice, One-Time Waiver of Prior Notice)
  • Filing of Requests for Commercial Interchangeability
  • Preparation and Filing of all Duty Drawback Claims
  • On-Site follow-up with the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
  • Duty Drawback Audit Services
  • Record Retention Management
  • Complete Management of the claimant’s Duty Drawback account