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Recent changes in the USA trucking industry have created a significant amount of challenges and a crisis situation for domestic trucking in the USA.  BDG International is working closely with our trucking partners to navigate the trucking challenges and provide the most efficient transportation of your cargo that we can.

The effects of these changes include:

  • New ELD (Electronic Logging Device) which will strictly limit the Hours of Service and will lead to additional “Layover/Pre-Pull” fees for long haul moves
  • Chassis and equipment shortages
  • Restrictive free time schedule/allowance at Rail Ramps
  • Reduced driver workforce and limited availability of specialty drivers
  • Increased operational costs for trucking companies
  • Areas effected by recent weather around the country

Additional Trucking News:

We are now see that many drayage firms are revising their free time to 1 hour and $85.00 per hour after 1 hour free starting in the middle or end of February.  

BDG is compensating for the drayage supply shortage by increasing our dispatch window with drayage firms. We are now routinely dispatch 1.5 to 2 weeks in advance of the rail ramp eta.