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General Administration of Customs China (GACC) has issued Announcement No.56 [2017] (GACC website in Chinese) to adjust the Chinese Advanced Manifest Rule of import and export in the country. The adjusted rules, to be effective on 1st June 2018, will include the following key points for close attention in future documentation work:

  • Manifest submissions must be made 24 hours prior to loading.
  • Cargo Description must be complete and accurate.
  • The full contact details of the Shipper and Consignee (or the Notify Party if Consignee is as To Order) are mandatory, including the Enterprise Codes.

Examples of Enterprise Codes:

  • China – USCI (Unified Social Credit Identifier), OC (Organization Code)
  • UK – Company Number, VAT Number
  • USA – CIK (Central Index Key), EIN (Employer Identification Number)


BDG will require accurate and complete export shipping instructions before the carrier documentation cutoff time. It is suggested that US Exporters require Chinese importers to provide the OC number on the purchase order. Shipments cannot be exported to China without the OC number.

Chinese Customs has provided a website to search for Chinese OC Numbers


US Importers should provide their EIN # on their purchase order to Chinese suppliers.