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Challenges with trucking operations at O’Hare International Airport for pick up and drop off of freight continue to experience significant service delays as a result of the large volume of Air Freight currently processing through the airport. Warehouse space, staffing shortages and the Covid-19 pandemic are contributing factors to the current delays.  Air cargo volumes have grown significantly over the past several months.  West Coast port congestion has resulted in increased Air Freight volumes moving through O’Hare International Airport.  These delays are industry-wide and are affecting all logistics service providers collectively.  BDG International is keenly aware of the current climate and is working to ensure our clients are kept abreast of the conditions.  

We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the current delays being experienced.  For specific shipment questions, please contact your assigned BDG International Account Coordinator.  For general non-specific questions, please contact a member of the BDG International Inside Sales Team:  
Mario Onofrio | Tel: 847-760-0017 | Email: [email protected]
Nancy Albergo | Tel: 847-760-0022 | Email: [email protected]