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Covid19 has now reached new heights in infecting a number of people. The amount of loss it is creating is not just limited to people. Suffering from Covid19 is affecting everyone around, including friends and family! The count does not end here, due to the increase in Covid19 positive cases; the government has imposed fresh restrictions of lockdown in many states. As much Lockdown is required in order to control the spread, it affects the daily income of more than 60% of the population. In India, not every being is privileged with work from home; many earn their lively hood by stepping out and doing the deed themselves.

Effects on Transportation Industry

According to recent reports, heavy financial loss is being faced by transporters due to the recent events of imposing lockdown and restrictions. In a business like Transportation, there is not just one link that involves in the gig but many. It affects a whole lot of sections. That includes the riders, clients waiting for goods to be delivered, customers waiting to receive the goods, travelers, and many more such important relatable tasks and people. Due to the new restrictions imposed, transportation has been suffering from a loss of Rs 1000 Crore per day! Such heavy lashes on the industry are let alone very difficult for people to survive. While the spike may further take a hike till the government mitigates the situation.

Transporters have sighed in relief with the proactive steps taken by the government to sanction postponement in EMI payments, taxes, and insurance. The government has also extended or waived e-way bill validity in order to forthcoming financial crises in the industry. According to the current scenario, the crises are ought to deepen and when they do, all these steps will not be enough. The industry will keep sinking till the government brings more proactive steps to the table. The restrictions imposed by states like Punjab, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and MP on the movement of vehicles carrying non-essential items have resulted in lowering the demand for vehicles up to 50%.

While certain steps are very important for the betterment of the public, it definitely affects worse to a certain industry. Recently, the government has also imposed a rule on ports to waive off all the charges. Now the ports cannot charge on cargo-carrying oxygen products for the next three months. This has also been extended to all the related charges of vessels and storage. Some charges have also been waived off on the vessels carrying any consignment of medical graded oxygen, portable oxygen generators, oxygen bottles; steel pipes that manufacture oxygen cylinders, and oxygen concentrators. The government has asked the chairman to personally supervise all the logistics and operations to ensure proper functionality.

The transportation industry directly associates about 20 crore people to it.  According to current situations, it’s getting complicated every passing day. It has been generating financial distress and mental anxiety in the sector. People with no resources back up are facing deep troubles, specially foreseeing the situations getting only worse rather than better.

All Major Ports wave off charges on Oxygen Cargo

The Govt of India on Sunday mandated all major ports to waive off charges related to oxygen cargo for the next three months. The mandate includes charges as vessel-related charges, storage charges, etc. Also, it includes the vessels carrying any kind of product related to medical oxygen as medical-grade oxygen, oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, portable oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators, and steel pipes for manufacturing oxygen cylinders.

The GOI decided to waive off basic duty and health cess on import of oxygen and oxygen-related equipment for the next three months, in its measures to speed up oxygen supply as the country’s hospitals are facing a massive shortage of oxygen gas for Covid19 patients.

States in India have extended the duration of restrictions of lockdown

Many states have extended the duration of the lockdown restriction for few more days. Many of them have already imposed the night curfews and weekend curfews. Find the official restrictions below: