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The Bureau of the Census (Census Bureau) issues this Final Rule amending the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) and EEI Reporting via the Automated Commercial Environment to reflect new export reporting requirements. Specifically, the Census Bureau is making changes related to the implementation of the International Trade Data System (ITDS), streamlining the Export/Import Process for American Businesses. The ITDS was established by the Security and Accountability for Every (SAFE) Port Act of 2006. The changes effect the reporting of export shipments using the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE system). They include the addition of the original Internal Transaction Number (ITN) data element in the Automated Export System (AES). Lastly, the Census Bureau is making remedial changes to improve clarity of the reporting requirements. These changes are discussed in detail in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section.ITA Logo

Important Changes to the FTR

  • ITN number to verify the filer has completed the mandatory filing requirements for split or replaced shipments.
  • The definition of “Filer” is to specify which party approves the filer to submit the EEI
  • Removal of the term “Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier”  and include the term “Carrier”
  • Require that the filer name is provided to the USPPI in addidtion to the Date of Export and the ITN.
  • USPPI Contact on an export transaction shall be a specific person rather than a department or group.
  • Used electronics will not be required to be reported

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