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Chinese trucking system shows a slow & patch resumption of operation after the Chinese New Year holiday extended due to coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Trucking and depot business crashed to a virtual halt after COVID-19 outbreak crippled factory and industrial output.
Last week Chinese ports resumed their work and the shipping lines started working again (Read Here). Chinese freight forwarders are saying that the business is recovering with a massive amount of opportunities. Their client is searching for urgent solutions.

According to the sources, the Chinese trucking capacity in north China is better with around 70 to 80 percent availability as the drivers mainly come from the province in China. In central and south China, recovery is much slower with a capacity of 20 to 40 percent as most of their drivers come from Hubie and the surrounding provinces.
Zhejiang province authorities recently published guidance on what measures trucking companies need to take to resume operations.

The resumption of operations is being slowed because of strict measures imposed by local authorities to tackle the virus, including submission of an implementation plan by each business that must be approved before staff can resume work. As a result, normal operations for most factories and businesses are not expected until next month.

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