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The number of container ships outside of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports has drastically fallen from a high of 109 in January to 26 currently. 

This would make it appear that shipping congestion has drastically reduced however this is not the case. 

North American port congestion has just re-entered record territory.

In January and February, when North American congestion previously peaked, there were just under 150 container vessels waiting off the coastlines.  Two-thirds were in the Los Angeles/Long Beach queue.

The 153 vessel backlog is primarily off the East and Gulf ports.

Port congestion had finally looked like it was easing in May and early June, then things took a turn for the worse.  The tally rose to 125 on July 8, 136 on July 13 and 140 on July 19 and has reached 153

Where are the ships positioned?

  • 43 outside of Savannah
  • 26 outside of Los Angeles/Long Beach
  • 24 outside of Houston
  • 18 outside of New York / New Jersey
  • 17 outside of Vancouver
  • 15 outside of Oakland
  • 10 outside of other ports

Port labor fears in Los Angeles/Long Beach are likely to have caused the shift