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Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, informed Congress that the most significant threat to the U.S. Ports is cyberattacks. ( According to Secretary Mayorkas, this will only intensify in the year 2023.
He is correct in his statements, the Port of Lisbon has witnessed shutdowns due to cyberattacks. The Port of Lisbon is heavily used, handling over 13 million tons of cargo each year due to its strategic location between the EU and Africa.

Big or small, any company can be a victim of a cyberattack. BDG has worked diligently to upgrade its systems, implement multi-factor authentication and encrypt emails that may place information at risk. Over the next years, BDG will continue the highest cyber-prevention standards by updating its hardware, and software and implementing several checkpoints for possible weaknesses.

For more information about cybersecurity and step to take please visit Cybersecurity & Infrastructure security agency at

We encourage you to read the attached document on how to properly report a cyberattack and what steps to take to prevent it.

Stay informed, be vigilant.

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