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Protect your company from Cybercrime and Competitors

Protecting your company’s name, domain, logos, Apps and other marketing brands is key to being competitive in the global economy.   Check on what has already been protected via the U.S. Patents office. To search for your patents and trademarks read here.

Afterward, verify with your trademark attorney what may need to be added.

The Department of Homeland Security has put out a list of Cybersecurity priorities  Are you taking steps to protect your company?

We live in an era where privacy is valued more each day. From personal information confidentiality to business Intellectual Property rights, it is a subject each company has to consider.


BDG International Inc. has been helping importers suppress their AMS import data for years.  Suppressing import data is key to keeping your new suppliers and new shipping lanes confidential.

As you may start shifting to new suppliers to near shore or friend shore, it is important to suppress this information from the public view.  Have you suppressed your data?

BDG offers AMS suppression services which protect companies’ business stats for two years, with an option to renew.


Contact BDG for any direct questions at [email protected]