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Due to natural phenomena a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Southern Turkey and Northern Syria on Monday, February 6, 2023, causing thousands loss of life and huge destruction from housing to businesses to roads and airports (Bloomberg).

We want to inform our clients that several major Turkiye airports have sustained serious damage and are closed, including Hatay Airport, Gaziantep International Airport and Adana Airport.

Turkish Maritime reports that Port of Iskenderun at Ceyhan Marine Terminal in Adana Province has been suspended. The port of Iskenderun sustained severe structural damage which has caused a complete shutdown of that port. There is no damage to the Mersin port, but labor shortage will cause major delays in processing (Turkiye Maritime).

Many roads sustained major damages hence trucking product proven to be a major challenge.

Many ocean carriers temporarily closed their Iskenderun and Mersin port offices, but the Mersin Port is still operational.


BDG is monitoring the situation and will address each affected shipment individually, however, the delays are inevitable.