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The Detroit CBP Field Office has presented a C-TPAT trade compliance public meeting on October 27th 2021.   If you would like a copy of the presentation, please email it to [email protected] and we will send it to you.

Normally, we would send it out with the blog, but for purposes of security we will send it out to those who request it.

The C-TPAT current program for renewal in 2021 has been revamped and much of the program previously entered into the C-TPAT Portal has to be updated.   While the overall data gathering is the same, the C-TPAT questions are different, thus requiring updating the entire C-TPAT program that your company may be running.   The C-TPAT program is aligning with the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs run around the world.   The light at the end of the tunnel for the ever-changing security C-TPAT compliance requirements is to be integrated with other AEO programs worldwide.   What is the AEO and where does it come from?   The World Customs Organization (WCO) implement the Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE) framework in 2005, and from this framework created the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program.  In 2001, previous to the AEO, the USA was already spearheading the C-TPAT program.   Since that time, the C-TPAT and AEO programs have been developing side by side, but have not been integrated.   The C-TPAT has discussed for quite a few years to be part of a global program.  Now this year, we can see the changes being are in alignment with the AEO bringing us closer to integration.   I have included a link to the AEO Wiki link that provides the details about AEO and all of the security programs throughout the world.    Now is the time to consider becoming C-TPAT, as the future may hold additional global benefits.