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The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) is planning to modify in current section 301 investigation. USTR announced that it is proposing to implement new retaliatory tariffs on the remaining Chinese products that currently are unaffected by the prior tariff increases. The proposed rate will add 25% to the existing duty rates in place. This new action will affect products worth approximately $300 billion.

Section 301 modification

USTR published a complete list of Chinese products which covers mostly all products not currently covered by action in this investigation. In the announced list it covered a wide range of products like sporting goods, fishing reels, agricultural products, rice, tea, etc.

This product list excludes pharmaceuticals, specific pharmaceutical inputs, select medical goods, rare earth materials, and critical minerals. Exclusions granted on prior tranches of tariffs will not be affected, the agency said.

USTR will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed additional tariffs on June 17 at Washington D.C. The Section 301 committee will accept requests to appear and summaries at hearing through June 10. Agency will take all the written comment no later than 17th June. 

Find out the list and process to submit your comments here.

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