The Trump administration has just announced the implementation of the 3rd tranche of Tariff increases against China, also known as List 3  The tariff items below only relate to trade with China. Hong Kong and Taiwan are excluded. Take note that tariff increases are based on the date of arrival at the first port of discharge.Trade War

List 3 will be effective Sept 24th 2018. It  will target  6000 items with an additional 10% duty originating from China. Effective January 1st 2019 the rate will be increased to 25%. View the list at  

List 2 has been effective since August 22nd for shipments that have physically arrived after that date. It targets an additional 284 tariff lines with an additional 25% duty. View list 2 at

List 1 covers 818 tariff lines and was effective July 6, 2018. These items were assessed an additional  25% duty.  View list 1 at Effective July 6th for shipments that have physically arrived after that date.

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