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As announced by the U.S. Trade Representative in Docket Number USTR-2018-0018 on June 15, 2018, the White House announced that the U.S. will impose retaliatory duties of 25% on goods valued at $34 billion covering 800 tariff numbers where the country of origin is China and the goods are entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warehCusotmsouse for consumption, on or after July 6, 2018. The 25% duties on Chinese goods will affect your importer  bond amounts. One of CBP’s priority trade issues is Revenue Collection. The Office of Finance in Indianapolis is tasked with ensuring the government is protected and they perform monthly sufficiency reviews to guarantee such protection.

It is recommended that you be proactive to forecast the amount of duty they will be paying in the coming months.

Remember that the bond amount is calculated based on 10% of the total duties, taxes and fees (including ADD/CVD) paid OR payable in the last 12 months. The effective/anniversary date of the bond has no bearing on the calculation.