Import Trade Data Research Service

Explore how Import Data Research Services can benefit your firm

The US government gathers import shipment information on consignee, consignor, trade volumes, commodities and port pairs are gathered and made available in the public domain. Through the Automated Manifest System (AMS), import transaction data is publicly accessible.

How can this information be used in your firm? Here are a few ways the data is used:

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  • Locate new suppliers searching by commodity.
  • Verifying a Supplier’s claims and legitimacy
  • Supplier’s capabilities and products
  • Competitor Analysis – Learn who imports, how much and from whom.
  • Self Analysis.- What is known about your company in the market.

You can get access to all of this information through our import data research service.

We efficiently withdraw the information, download the data, manipulate the reports and clean them – providing you with a report.

BDG can pull information on most ocean imports that are arriving into the USA for the past three years.  We can search by Supplier, Competitor, or Commodity.