Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zone: This is an exciting program for U.S. companies that import goods into the United States from overseas for direct distribution, assembly, manufacturing or direct export after import.

Becoming a Foreign Trade Zone will open your company up to the following possible benefits:

  • Reduce your standard customs brokerage fees
  • Reduce your duties in case you are able to create a tariff shift in the Foreign Trade Zone
  • Reduce your Merchandise Processing fees by weekly reporting
  • Develop a more competitive company in your industry
  • Develop new services for US Manufactures who are not Foreign Trade Zone’s
  • Broaden your business scope and become a dynamic company in your industry
  • This can be accomplished in your own facility with no additional administration

A feasibility test will be administered to determine if your company qualifies to be a Foreign Trade Zone.

This will provide the information to present the cost savings, time savings and other benefits of becoming a Foreign Trade Zone.

Once qualified as a possible candidate, we will be able to provide you with he tools needed to join a special group of Foreign Trade Zone’s around the country.

This is a great time to explore the possibilities of a new level of importing, Manufacturing and exporting.

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