Customs Broker Litchfield

Customs Broker Servicing Litchfield

BDG International is a licensed Customs Broker with ACE interface with U.S. Customs. Using our sophisticated brokerage software and trained team members, we can provide your company with fast and efficient clearance services at any Customs Port in the USA. We provide full reporting capabilities for analysis of commodities, HTSUS numbers, duty rates, transit time and pricing. We are experts in handling clearances on products regulated by additional government agencies such as: FDA, USDA, FCC, ATF, and others.


For over 34 years, BDG International, Inc. has been providing reliable freight forwarding, licensed customs brokerage, and international trade consulting services that meet almost every client need.


Our team of experts are here for you. They will guide each shipment through the import process and to your door.


Customs Broker

ACE Clearance

  • Connectivity with customs new ACE system
  • Visbility of your entry status on SureTrack.

Send Us A Message

If you have questions or comments, please send us a message and a representative will contact you shortly.


Nation Clear

  • Use one broker, one point of contact for all customs clearances nationwide.
  • One point of contact no matter which port your freight clears through.

HTSUS Review

  • BDG will review all commodity classification numbers to assure accuracy
  • Our team can provide Binding Rulings filings to ensure the best possible classification of your product.
  • We can provide a project based comprehensive reivew or a shipment by shipment review.



FDA Experts

  • Direct EDI Link with FDA
  • Database cross links your Products with FDA Codes
  • BDG manages all products in our database.
  • Prior Notice Management
  • Experienced team memebers to assist every step of the way


  • Tranport information is ready and waiting. Know load dates, arrival and departure information. 
  • Clients can manage and report on entry status
  • Know the status of your Customs filings, holds and releases on shipments.
  • PGA status updates are at your fingertips. See the customs messages as we receive them.
  • All documentation, entry information, transport information is available for up to 5 years.
  • Easy to manage accounting data. Open and paid invoices. Run statements. 
  • Understand your costs with Landed Cost reporting



Post Entry Service

  • We support your import needs with comprehensive post entry services than include protests, petitions and assisance with government product reivews and governement request for additional information.
  • BDG International, Inc. Affiliate IATA
  • BDG International, Inc. Affiliate E


  • BDG International, Inc. Affiliate IGLN
  • BDG International, Inc. Affiliate WCA