AMS Import Trade Data Suppression

Learn how to suppress publicly available AMS import trade data about your firm …

The US Government allows your import transactions to be publicly accessible! Most of the international trade community is unaware that international trade details for import shipments are made available to the public.


  • Suppress
    • Strategic Supplier Relationships
    • Import Volume Data
    • Commodity Descriptions
    • Corporate Data


  • Suppression is valid for 2 years of data
  • We manage the renewal for your firm
  • Suppress DBA’s, Partnerships, LLC’s, and Corporations

The US Government is required to gather transactional data on all shipments moving into the USA prior to departure from the origin port. Data elements such as consignee, consignor, trade volumes, commodities and port pairs are gathered. This process is called the Automated Manifest System (AMS) each carrier is required to provide this data to the U.S. Government electronically. This very data is available for data mining firms to sell in the public domain to whoever is interested. Your competitors may want to learn of your suppliers, products, and import volumes.

You may notice that service firms know a lot about you. Your data is used by these firms to market their services to you.

Fortunately importers may request the US Government suppress this data from public availability for up to two years.

BDG International provides AMS Data Suppression services to importers. Contact our sales team to learn how begin suppressing your data.

AMS Data Suppression

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